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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Injury Board Book of Quantum may be referred to are:

Following a road traffic accident where you have suffered whiplash because an inattentive driver collided with you.
An accident at work in which you have broken your wrist because your employer has failed to maintain health and safety standards.
A trip at a restaurant causing a cheek fracture when leakage from an ice making machine has not been identified as a hazard and cleaned up.
The Injuries Board Book of Quantum subdivides the different types of injury one can sustain in an accident – for example, head injury, arm injury, leg injury, internal injury.

Leg injuries are major debilitating injuries. They prevent you from being mobile, can be extremely painful and take a considerable amount of time to heal because they have to be strong enough to perform their weight bearing duties

Personal injury claims can from the persons who have actually caused then injury or from the insurance company. A personal injury to claim must address two main issues liability the the person charged is truly and legally responsible for damage and damages the damages claimed truly reflect the exact extent of the injury

If you have been hurt in a road traffic accident, sustained an injury at work, been the victim of clinical malpractice, or even just fallen over in a public place, you may be entitled to make a claim for injury compensation, provided you were not completely to blame for the accident.
When it comes to claiming injury compensation advice offered by well-meaning friends and colleagues may be inaccurate, contradictory or just plain confusing We have compiled a short selection of frequently asked questions below, to help you determine whether you are entitled to claim for injury compensation after an accident.

Your first course of action when involved in an accident or developing the symptoms of any form of personal injury in Ireland should be to seek urgent medical attention. No amount of personal injury compensation can make up for a permanent disability which could have been prevented by timely medical intervention. As well as ensuring your physical wellbeing, your doctor's medical notes will be used to support your personal injury claim for compensation.

Construction sites are pretty much a hazard zone because of those tools and heavy equipment around. As a worker, you never know when an accident might occur. It would be better if the work done is aided by machines that are exact, so there'd be little room for mistakes.

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