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Monday, August 30, 2004


Does any insurer offer combination personal/family health insurance and Workers Compensation insurance? I am a sole-proprietor with no employees working in the electrical trade. Institutional clients often reject my bids because I have no WC coverage. Once I have health insurance coverage, any and all injuries of any kind are covered, so the added liability exposure to the insurer to provide WC coverage is much less than the exposure they would face by offering WC only. So, they ought to split the difference with me and offer WC as an add-on to health coverage, at half or less than the cost of WC only. Right?

For example, with health coverage only, if I fall off a ladder or shock myself and get a heart attack that puts me in hospital, the health coverage covers it. In the same scenario with combined health+WC coverage, the cost to the insurer is identical (except, maybe, that WC would have no deductible?). So the difference in cost between health-only coverage and health plus WC coverage for a sole proprietor with zero employees, should be equal to the difference between high-deductible health and the added liability for zero deductibles for work-related health costs. The latter difference should be much smaller than the full cost of WC coverage purchased on its own.

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