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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Very good information, should be very helpful.

Last month i got back injury while i was carrying a heavy luggage In my factory where i am working as labour.According to doctor i have got strain in my back.
I want to claim for compensation from my employer. How can i proceed?

If you are injured in the work places accident, you have a right to make the work accident claim; many victim are uncertain to be make the claim because they are afraid of losing their job by doing so on. But by following some easy steps with to the help of a solicitor you can make the claim. No win no fee agreement is an easy way for the filing your the claim.

Thanks for sharing helpful information with us. Workers injured while working at a construction site are allowed to sue the owner, its agents and contractors for all damages sustained by virtue of any physical harm which has occurred to them. If you have been injured while on the job, contact to the experienced solicitor who can advise you best.

Work injury compensation covers many different types of injuries that can happen in the work environment, and not all of them physical. Although many people might rightly consider that construction and agriculture are the two most hazardous industries to work in, the number of work injury compensation claims occurring in them is decreasing due to the improved application of health and safety regulations.

If you work in an industry where you come into regular contact with chemicals, detergents and toiletries, there is a risk that you might contract work-related dermatitis. Professionals in occupations such as healthcare, hairdressing, cleaning and catering are supposed to be protected from work-related dermatitis by regulations included in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.

how can a person file a claim about hurting his back at work he's waiting for an answer back but goes to the and works out with heavy weights in the gym

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